Lot# Description Est $
Australian Military Medals
244 Replica UN (Untag) Transition Assistance Group 1989-90 25

245 UN (Unscom) Special Commission replica 30
246 UN (Untac) Transitional Authority in Cambodia, replica 25
247 UN replica (UNMIT) United Nations integrated mission, UN 25

Timor Leste

248 WW1 mentioned in dispatches M.I.D. oak leaf original govt 40

issue type in superb unused condition - see photo
Great Britain

249 1727 George II official Coronation medal by John Croker,

silver 34mm, obv: Laureate, cuirassed bust of George II

facing left, rev: the King seated on King Edward's chair 280

holds the sceptre & orb and is crowned by Britannia

holding a cornucopia and leaning on the fasces

(crowned on 11 October 1727) - see photo
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