Lot# Description Est $
226 Carton with 3 old empty postcard albums, one with

inscription to Rhonda c1905, all good cond for their age & 80

over 200 old postcards, interesting lot (200+)
227 Carton with 3 old postcard albs circa early 1900s & large 140

accum of loose cards (200+)
228 Coll of Asian cards mostly from Japan and Thailand (33) 60
229 Coll of 'Flowers' from various countries inclds USA 80

(c1909), GB c1960 and others up until 1950s (45)
230 Coll of postcards featuring 'Roses' inclds nice raised 60

surface card from 1908, most appear to be pre 1930 (25)
231 Coll of postcards with animals, nice lot from various

countries inclds Cattle, Deer, Sheep, Horses etc, mostly 140

Edwardian or pre 1940 (40)
232 Coll of Russian & Japan phonecards, all different, very 50

scenic cards from major cities & others (82)
233 Collection of postcards mainly from 1890-1920s, majority

are mint & clean, mainly GB with some Aust (Adelaide x 500

10, Sydney x 13, Victoria x 8), Shanghai (15), Gibralter

(12), also South Africa & French Colonies incl Marquese

234 Colln of mainly maritime related early colour & some b&w

picture postcards in old time album, inclds early paddle

steamships, appears mainly British ships incl RMS

Mauretania, docks & harbours incl Dundee, Ramsey, 150

Marseille etc (postcards, mainly fine cond), also inc some

booklets from the Royal Shipwreck Relief & Humane

Society of NSW from 1907 (poor cond) (approx 150

235 Colln of postcards in 2 albums incl seln of Messina

earthquake cards from 1908 (b&w), Pompei cards from

the early 1900s then seln of early colour cards from 120

France, Italy & Canary Islands, 2nd album appears to be

mainly Scotland scenes, early colour types, condition is

mainly fine, well worth inspection (approx 337)
236 Daily Mail 'Battle' postcards, passed by censor Aldershot 50

Tattoo Services and other war cards (14)
237 Erotic postcards reference book by Barbara Jones and

William Ovellette published in 1977, 127 pgs with approx 50

260 colour and black & white illustrations, fascinating

reference work, a little foxing on couple of pgs

otherwise very good cond
238 Official Bamforths postcard collection, collectors editions

'Seaside Sauce' inclds issue 1 March/April 1999, 7 diff 60

publications, great illustration, collectors items (7)
239 Shoebox with over 200 postcards, mixture of mint and

postally used, about 50% from Australia, remainder from 60

o'seas, mostly modern scene cards (200+)
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