Lot# Description Est $
178 Box containing small accum of matchboxes, some with 35

matches, room buyers only (approx 100)
179 Box of matchboxes (no matches), mainly Australian Red 40

Head matchboxes ( 100+)
180 Box with small accum of matchboxes mainly Redheads 40

181 Coll of matchboxes mainly matchbook style with various

companies, majority still have matches inside hence room 30

buyers only due to postal restrictions on flammable

items, approx 3kg (many 100s)
182 Large box containing coll of mainly Aust matchboxes, 40

inclds some advertising boxes for closed businesses

183 Large box of matchboxes from around the world, also 20

inclds good mix of Aust, (100+)
184 Large box of matchboxes, mainly Aust with world 20

185 Shoebox containing assortment of matchboxes & 20

booklets (100s)
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