Lot# Description Est $
132 Antique kerosene iron from 1920-30s, Coleman lamp, 60

Toronto, Canada
133 Box cont qty of mostly old cigar & tobacco tins, best

range from Holland & England (with dupln) inc Henri

Winterman (Scooters & Café Crème), Willem II (Pearls),

Statesman, Harlequin, Benson & Hedges, Ritmeester, 80

Schimmelpennick, Players, Godfrey Phillips & Wills (Gold

Flake), Craven A & Senior Service, also inc Saunders

Malt Extract tins, Horner tins & Simpkins Barley sugar tin

134 Box containing 4 sets of spoons in boxes, some with 40

enamelling incl a nice CWA spoon, all are EPNS (24)
135 Box containing mixed brass items incl vases, candelabra 50

etc (approx 21)
136 Box of cobbler's ware inclds cast iron shoe mold and 40

matching set of leather & nickel-silver children's inner

soles (3)
137 Box with collectable old tobacco tins etc, inclds Capstan, 40

Navy Cut cigarettes long tin (rare) & others (9)
138 Box with various collectables incl eight replica pocket

watches, all with original packaging & in working order, 1

Sonim 'Landrover' mobile phone in working condition 80

with all accessories & instructions, 2 Nintendo hand held

games 'Snoopy Tennis' & 'Shuttle Voyage' in good

condition plus 4 lead soldiers (12 items)
139 Brass Armillary Sphere with brass arrow passing

through the Earth and 3 concentric rings surrounding the 60

Earth, 30cm x 20cm x 30cm high
140 c1920s-30s photographic scenic prints from Europe in

old album, appear to be mostly French, includes some 40

cathedrals, alpine scenes, mountaineers, historical

interest (48)
141 Cam recorder in carry case with attachments, etc 30
142 Carton with blood pressure machine in carry case, old 40

wallets and other bits and pieces (qty)
143 Carton with old copper kettle & ornate glass light fitting 50

144 Carved wooden spear-thrower (woomera) coloured

with red ochre, broad body with resin pommel & cord- 30

bound peg, no tribal markings, cond a/f, very interesting
145 Carved wooden 'tribal' masks incl a vintage mask with 40

shell eyes & a modern Australian teak mask, condition a/f

146 Chinese mahjong set in black case incl 144 tiles & 4 small 40

die, cond a/f
147 Coca Cola collectables in box inclds frisbee, coffee cup,

cherry coke can (opened) 200ml (soccer), can c2010 40

(unopened), 1995 Polar bear glass, 2008 Beijing

Olympics bottle (unopened) (6 items)
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