Lot# Description Est $
2088 xx/x/o Colln from 1918 to 1960s with many sets incl 1931 Boy

Scouts M (cv£44), 1937 Accession Anniv M (£39), 100

Balkan Games M, 1960 Olympics (2nd issue) perf and

imperf MS MUH (£53) useful back of book range etc

mainly fine (few 100)
2089 xx/x/o 1880-1990s seln on stkbk pages, many sets & singles

included, good thematics noted inc Ships, Planes, Space, 120

Sport, Birds, Animals & more, m/sheets also noted,

vendor suggests CV approx £600 (600+, 13 m/s)
2090 xx/x/o 1906-1960s colln (mostly mint) on alb pages in env, some 60

early issues but best range is 1950s-60s (300+, 8 m/s)
2091 o 1945 Relief of Stalingrad, imperf m/s, CV £50 50
2092 xx/o 1947-68 colln in quality 60 black pg stkbk, incomplete but 60

contains mostly quality CTO issues (occas MUH) (820+)
2093 x 1949 150th Anniv of Pushkin (Poet) m/s, imperf issues, 2 200

of each on m/s, CV for MUH is £250
2094 o 1950s-70s accum of sets & singles in Ancol alb, lovely 60

FU-CTO issues (650+)
2095 xx/o 1966-2006 seln with dupln on hagners in quality alb with

slipcover (mostly MUH, occas CTO), ex stamp sellers

quality stock, sets are marked with selling prices inc

useful thematics, Sport, Transport (Planes, Ships), Birds, 150

Animals, Space, Flowers & more, selling prices shown

on hagners total over $200 but the duplicate sets

included would make this total much higher, would suit

reseller (many 100s)
2096 x/xx 1966-91 selection of stamps including m/s, all priced to 80

sell in blue binder on stock sheets (100s)
2097 o 1976 Seln of blks of 4 & m/s (CTO), stamps appear

different, dupln in m/s, some nice Thematics noted (119 50

blks of 4 = 476 stamps, 9 m/s)
2098 xx 1899 opt "Provisional Govt" set to 1/- (ex 2/6) in blks of

20 - minor gum disturbance on some blks - CV £18+ each 200

set to 1/- (total CV £360+) (140)
2099 xx/x/o 1921-77 ex dealers book, all stamps priced to sell, both

mint & used in most spaces, high retail value, suit reseller 160

(many 100s)
2100 xx 1970s-80s unsorted seln with dupln, qty would suit

reseller, some sets are in blocks of 10, values to $4 60

noted, the m/sheet qty alone would justify estimate

(100s, 45 m/s)
2101 xx/o 1977-1990 selection in red stkbk inclds sets, m/s with 120

some duplication (100s)
2102 xx/o Mainly MUH selection in binder inclds m/s etc, most priced 80

to sell, ex dealers material (qty)
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