Lot# Description Est $
1802 x/o 1870s-1960s seln of D-H countries on pages in

springback folder, best range Hungary but also inc 60

Holland, France & Col, Denmark, Finland, GB & more,

mostly fine used with occas mint in mix (900+)
1803 xx/x/o 1880s to recent seln of 3 countries in alb inc Denmark,

Eritrea & Romania, Denmark features a seln of U plus a 80

seln of MUH/M, vendor suggests the stamps of each

country have a CV of £200+ each (900+, 2 m/s)
1804 x/o 1930s-60s seln of I-P countries in sprngbk binder, mostly

used with occas mint inc Indonesia, Israel, Iraq, India & 70

States, Italy, Japan, Yugoslavia, Mongolia, Malaya, NZ,

Poland, Pakistan & more (1150+)
1805 xx/o 1940s-recent seln of issues on 12 world approval

sheets from ex Qld stamp dealer, better items noted inc

1950 Yugoslavia Air (U), 1967 Central African Air (MUH), 80

1970 Abu Dhabi Air (MUH), 1973 Korea Air (MUH), 1975

Bermuda Air (MUH stamps & m/s) & more, also inc seln of

recent NZ (U), total suggested retail $280+ (qty)
1806 xx 1970-2004 collection on hagner sheets, not complete but

good range of defins, comm sets & m/sheets with many 320

thematics, 1972 30c defin is damaged o/w appears fine,

MUH throughout, CV $1700+ (100s)
1807 xx/o 1970s-90s bulk seln of world m/sheets prepared in

batches ready for resale, mostly MUH & one batch CTO,

best range USSR but also inc Fiji, Nauru, Mauritania & 150

Swaziland, suggested selling prices shown on batches

total $449, good lot for reseller (100s)
1808 x 1998-2008 seln of sets & m/s from Pitcairn, Samoa & Fiji

on pgs, best range Pitcairn inc 1998 Yr of Ocean m/s,

1999 Bounty m/s, 2004 RN Frigate m/s, Murphy's Petrel

m/s, 2005 $5 Royal Wedding, Curlew m/s, 2007 Terns & 100

Noddies m/s, Bounty set of 12 to $10 & more, Fiji sets

range from 2001-07 & Samoa ranges from 2003-08, CV

of sets & m/s generally range from £6 to £25 (170+

stamps, 15 m/s, sheetlets)
1809 xx/o 3 collns/accum (mostly MUH) in quality Prinz alb inc 1969-

93 colln of Samoa MUH inc m/s & blks of 4 with vals to $5

noted, also inc colln/accum of Fiji (mostly 1960s-70s) 60

MUH with odd CTO m/s, PNG (mostly 1960s-80s) (many

100s, approx 60 m/s)
1810 xx/o Accum in stkbk inc GB, NZ & Pac Is issues, the PNG,

Nauru & Samoa issues inc a qty of MUH issues, good 60

range, some early issues but mostly 1970s era (800+, 12

1811 o Accum of Hungary + Romania in Ancol alb, early issues

to 1980s range, lovely Thematic issues incls Birds, 60

Flowers, Space, Animals, Paintings + more (1500+)
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