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1544 c 1931 (20 November) ANA limited first all Australian air

mail service, Australia - England registered cover sent 60

from Hobart Aust to Stanley Gibbons London, superb

condition - see photo
1545 c 1931 (20 November) ANA limited first all Australian air

mail service Australia - England, cover sent Newcastle 40

Aust to Norfolk England, envelope roughly opened

bearing 2 x 6d airmail service & 2d Red KGV stamp

1546 c 1934 (24 July) Australia - New Guinea per VH-UXX 'Faith

in Australia' CTP Ulm, Commander, E391, superb 50

condition - see photo
1547 c 1934 (24 July) Australia - Papua New Guinea per VH- 45

UXX 'Faith in Australia', CTP Ulm, Commander, E391,

superb condition
1548 c 1938 (August) Qantas and Imperial Airways

commencement of thrice weekly flying boat air mail 50

service Australia - England 9 August, 1939, E826
1549 c 1952 Qantas inaugural flight South Africa to Australia,

intermediate cover sent to Cocos Island, E1308a, nice 40

clean cover
1550 c 1958 (14 January) Qantas First Australian round the

world air service, super constellation, backstamped on 25

return 20 January, E1386, clean cover
1551 c 1980 Southern Cross Air Race inc 7 covers signed by

the relevant carriers, also inc an information leaflet about 50

the 7 aviators featured on the 7 Air Race flight covers

plus original outer env (7 covers)
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