Lot# Description Est $

57 Antique 9ct gold Fob Pendant inscribed "F & D C H A Won 480

by W Allan", approx weight 6.1gms - see photo

58 Antique 9ct gold Fob Pendant inscribed "WHP Aling & Co

Ltd Rockhampton Contest Champion Euphonium Won by 320

W Gummow 1934", approx weight 4.02gms - see photo

59 Antique 9ct rose gold Fob Pendant inscribed "Warminster 460

FC Tournament 1900", approx weight 5.75gms - see


60 Antique 9ct solid gold Fob Pendant inscribed "Naval Band

A Grade Solo Competition 1925 - Awarded To W. 400

Gummow - Maryborough", approx weight 5.2gms - see

61 Antique sterling silver watch chain, 45cm long, 38.1 80


62 Antique vintage sterling silver Fob/Pendant inscribed on 130

back "3RD I JIG Under 17" approx weight 3.4gms - see

63 Box with 5 watches inclds nice heavy gents Seiko

(working), gents Bolova 1972 (working), ladies Lavinia, 80

plus another Seiko, no band, and another ladies watch

64 Box with a quantity of gents & ladies watches plus some

bands, mixed cond, some working others need batteries 75

(13, 4 bands)
65 Dunklings miner lever pocket watch, working order, 70

nickel case

66 Genuine 9ct solid gold Fob Pendant "Championship -

Newton Amateur Wheelers 7 mile Sene Paced C'ship 350

1.9.34 Won by C. Gooding", approx weight 4.42gms -

see photo

67 J.W. Benson fob pocket watch, silver 1898 with all 4

keys in working order with paperwork from J.W. Benson 350

in 1957 where it was sold for £23.10 shillings in its

original box - see photo

68 J.W. Benson, London, beautiful 9ct gold watch in great 160

condition c1950s with leather strap - see photo
69 Lanco men's automatic watch, black face, c1970s, 70

working, Swiss made, 17 jewels
70 Longines WWII military style watch with black leather 200

71 Men's N8200 gold plated Citizen automatic 1970s watch, 25

as new condition, works great
72 Omega Seamaster automatic men's watch, c1960s, 250

stainless steel band, good working order, used

73 Ornate Antique 9ct rose gold Fob Pendant inscribed

"Chelmsford Charity Competition Awarded to FA Shuller 650

1925-26 Chelmsford FC", approx weight 8.2gms - see

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