Lot# Description Est $
634 Chinese cast coins small accum of odd shaped coins incl

Knife money etc, some appear to be modern 40

reproductions, lot sold "as is" (no returns), inspection

recommended (7)
Greek Coinage - BC

635 336-323BC Macedon Alexander III silver drachm

magnesia and Maeandrum Mint issue of 323-319BC, Obv:

head of Herakles to right wearing lion skin with dotted 120

border, Rev: Zeus seated on throne to left eagle in

outstretched hand, bee to left in field, spearhead in outer

right field, 4.03 grams (cf.s.6730, Price 1937, BMC 1937),

fair - see photo
Roman Republican Coinage

636 82 BC C. Mamilius Limetanus silver Denarius Rome Mint,

BMC 2717, Craw 362/1 S741 B Manfia 6, obv Mercury, 300

rev Ulysses, Rare gVF - see photo
637 Seln of 4 silver Denarius; 62 BC L. Aemilius Lepious

Paullus Cos 50, 58 BC B.Aemilia M.Aemilius Scantus & 400

Pub Plautius Hypsleus, 41-48 BC Julius Caesar and 46

BC M.Cordius Rufus F-VF (4)
Roman Imperial Coinage - BC

638 32-31BC Mark Antony silver denarius, mint moving with

Mark Antony Obv: Praetorian Gallery to right with rowers

ANT AVG III VIR R.P.C, Rev: Legionary eagle between 250

two standards LEG XX below, (3.44g), (s.1479, Cr

544/36, Syd.1243, C. Mark Antony 57), well centred, aVF

- see photo
639 Seln of Roman bronze coins in Dansco album incls

Augustus 10-7 BC, Claudius 41 AD, Domitian 85 AD,

Vespasian 73 AD, Dupondius 156-57 AD, Valerian 255- 400

56 AD, Aurelian 270-75 AD, Probus 276-282 AD, etc,

plus 2 Roman occupation of Palestine, Antonius Felix 52-

60 AD and Alexander Jannaeus 103-76 BC (21 coins)
Roman Imperial Coinage - AD

640 117-138AD Hadrian Ae Sestertius issue of 126AD Rome

mint Obv: laureate head of Hadrian right with drapery on

far shoulder, HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, Rev: Diana stg 1800

to right holding boar & arrow COS III around SC across

field (S.3583, RIC 631b, C316, BMC 1285, Hunter 390),

aEF - see photo
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