Lot# Description Est $

22 1705 & 1714 Queen Anne shillings made into brooch, 60

joined together with brooch pin attached to obverses, VF

- see photo
23 18ct gold & platinum diamond ring 8 + 1 setting, approx 120

.6ct, 2.6g

24 22ct Gold Necklace Choker and matching Bracelet from 3300

Dubai, 74gms - see photo
25 3 brooches of pre decimal coins 3d, 6d & florin, all QVic 90

head (3)
26 9ct gold pendant with opal and another large opal brooch 150

pin (2)
27 Antique Indian engagement ring and wedding band, 18ct 200

white gold with sapphire, very unique
28 Australian coin bracelet George V & VI, 3d & 6d hanging 90

coins plus safety chain,
29 Australian pre decimal George V coin bracelet, this 100

bracelet was purported to be made by 5th generation

Canberra family
30 Australian pre decimal George VI & QEII bracelet 65
31 Beautiful antique royal blue and clear crystal bracelet in 90

red box
32 Beautiful lustrous string of pearls, 14ct gold clasp, 500

purchased from Village Jewellers, Manuka
33 Black & cream fresh water pearl necklace on silk thread 120

with .925 s/s clasp 47cm long in red box
34 Box containing 100 different styles and types of 75

bracelets, would suit reseller (100)
35 Box containing great selection of costume jewellery, ideal 60

for resale (100s)
36 Costume jewellery, large selection of necklaces, chains, 45

earrings, rings & bracelets with stones (qty)
37 Costume jewellery, large selection of necklaces, chains, 40

earrings, rings & bracelets with stones (qty)
38 Costume jewellery, large selection of necklaces, chains, 30

earrings, rings & bracelets with stones (qty)
39 Costume jewellery, large variety of necklaces, chains, 40

silver rings, medallions, earrings, bracelets with stones

40 Elizabeth Reimar Arcansas vintage earrings, beautiful

deep red stone with silver coloured surround - each 2cm 75

x 1.6cm wide, highly collectable
41 George V 3d bracelet, great condition, well toned 75
42 Jewellery box full of watches, necklaces, rings, earrings 40

and much much more

43 Ladies 24 ct gold bracelet 16cm long, safety chain with 2 1200

love hearts, 20g, hand made with Chinese markings -

see photo
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