Lot# Description Est $
235 1996 Atlanta Olympics Telstra 'Welcome Home Dinner' set 200

3 promo magnetic cards in original folder, very scarce
236 Accum of Aust and world thematic cards, some 70

duplication (approx 500)
237 Accum of Aust phone card packs and loose cards,

approx $1000 FV of packs from Paytel & National Show 300

cards, Pay phonics, etc, some nice thematic cards in this

lot (qty)
238 Box of promotional material & various phone cards, incls 50

useful collectable items with values to $50
239 Carton with large accum of telephone cards, most

appear to be mint, noted a framed "Gabriele's Phone card 100

Service", mostly Telstra Smart cards (100s)
240 Paytel special number packs, limited issue subjects 80

includes trains, views, flowers etc (39)
241 Qantas 75 Years 1920-1995 set of 8 phone cards, $5 60

(5), $10 (2) and $20
242 Superb blue Lighthouse album with slipcase containing

36 double sided black pages with provision for 576 60

cards, also suitable for cigarette cards or stamp

booklets, as new condition
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