Lot# Description Est $
United States of America
2325 x/o 1861-1976 Coll in Springback alb, mostly Used with some

Mint, value in early issues, incls seln of Presidents,

Columbian, Trans Miss, Pan-Am Louisiana, Jamestown, 100

etc, nice coverage 1930s-50s, less coverage in the later

years, also incls seln of Air, Special Del, Int, Rev + Post

Due (600+)
2326 xx/x 1932-73 qnty colln, well presented in sprbk alb on graph

pgs (stamps protected in stamp mounts), some early

issues MH & remainder appear MUH, 1930s issues inc

range of 1930s m/s & sheetlets inc Nat Park imperfs &

sheetlets, some have CV of $25 & $30, also inc 3 high 500

CV issues MUH, 1933 50c Zeppelin, 1938 $5 C Coolidge

& 1956 $5 A Hamilton, CV for 3 $200+, at time of sale a

1962-3 A65 Rotary Press issue was missing (not a high

value item) (900 stamps, 10 m/s & sheetlets)
2327 xx/x/o 1934-73 Easter seals colln on leaves very extensive with

most issues in M/MUH, blks incl many progressive colour 300

proofs & imperfs, few on cvr. A difficult coll to assemble

mainly fine (100s)
2328 o 1938 Presidential series defins complete to $5 except for 30

19c (31 stamps)
2329 xx 1976 13c sheet of Bicentennial flags and 1977 29c Elvis

sheet with special cancels in margin of sheet and what 40

appears to be ink run affecting 3 stamps and margin,

could be variety (90)
2330 xx/x/o Airmail colln (U) on hagners in alb from 1930s to modern,

nice range, also inc a range of cinderellas (Special Del,

Parcel Post, Post Due etc), 1931 USA Red Cross in 60

(MUH/M) blocks & later years on souvenir Red Cross

items, cut-outs, UN & Canal Zone are also in the mix

(370+ stamps/items)
2331 o Box cont bulk USA issues (range from earlies to approx

1980s, off paper), mostly unsorted ex stamp sellers

stock however many have been bagged in lots of 100 100

(eg range of early postage dues), sorting should reward,

suit reseller (many 1000s)
2332 xx 1980 seln inc 1980 booklets (21), 1981 Xmas m/sheets

(38), 1982 Xmas m/sheets (20), stamp sets of 4 (9), 40

quantities would suit reseller, fresh resale quality (88

2333 xx/o 1983-91 accum on 21 hagners in binder, mostly MUH

(only a few FU), nice range, most sets have a CV of £2+

but later sets are more eg 1990 De Gaulle sheetlet, 1990 80

Stamp World London stamps & m/s CV £13+, 1991 Phila

Nippon stamps & m/s CV £5+ & more (305, 19 m/sheets &

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