Lot# Description Est $
2091 xx/x/o Allied Occupation colln/accum with Allied Military Post

issues (cat as cheapest perf), 1946-48 general issues,

British & American Zones incl 1948-50 Buildings 90pf P14 120

M, (CV £225, flts) & French Zone incl Baden 1949

Freiburg Fund imperf MS unused etc, cond varies, CV

£1700 (100s)

2092 x/xx Belgium WW1 Occupations, 1914 surchs set, 1f on 80c

has minor perf flts o/w fine MLH (2f 50 is MUH), CV €247 100

(9) - see photo

2093 xx Belgium WW1 Occupations, 1916-18 6f 25c on 5m surch

with "b" of "Belgium" under "F", Mi25II fine MUH, CV €300 150

- see photo
2094 xx/o Binder of West Germany + West Berlin m/sheets to 1997

MUH + CTO with some dupln, noted West Germany 1959 100

Beethoven MUH + CTO (both with minor flts), also inclds

Finland Booklets + m/s, plus Sweden m/s (U), mixed cond

2095 xx/x/o Box cont bag of used issues on paper, large % from

1930s-50s era plus a bag of mostly MUH issues (inc 40

m/sheets) mostly from the 1970s era (qty)
2096 xx/x/o/c Box with 2 containers, one with 50+ m/sheets (M+U),

1980s-2000 era, another with accum of mostly U off ppr

(earlies to recent) (many 100s), plus FDC binder with 45 70

FDCs (mostly 1977), plus 9 m/sheets (M+U), good range,

sorting will reward (100s)
2097 xx/x/o German Occupation Issues 1914-18, ranges with dupn

of German Occup of Belgium incl 1916-18 6f 25c on 5m

M (CV £90), Eastern & Western Military Command areas,

opts for Poland & opts & surchs for Rumania incl some 200

unlisted opts on fiscal issues plus Belgian Occ of

Germany incl 1919-21 1f M & Eupen & Malmedy 75pf on

50c & 1m25pf on 1f M, mainly fine, CV £820+ (270+)
2098 o Large unsorted seln in 2 envs, appears to be mostly pre

1960s mix with a good range of early issues inc seln on 60

page from 1890s, small env cont Bayern & more, could

be quite useful (100s)
2099 xx Selection of Berlin, MUH with m/s (4) (100s) 50
2100 xx/o Seln on 3 hagners, one inc wide range of mostly 1950s

'better' issues (DDR), noted 1950 Bach (4) CV £40, 1951

Visit of Polish President (2) CV £44, also inc Peace, 120

Labour Day, UPU, Winter Sports & others, total CV on this

hagner approx £200, the remaining hagners hold a seln

of 8 m/s (West Germany) 1970s-80s, 2 MUH, remaining 6

are FU (26 stamps, 8 m/s)
German States
2101 x/o 1950-82 selection of East Germany, sparse in places,

main material in 60s, 70s & 80s in black page quality 50

stock book (100s)
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