Lot# Description Est $
1928 xx/x/o 1927-70 small selection of Aust, small amount of pre dec

UK, NZ 1880-1970, some good pickings, at rear of stkbk

German New Guinea 10 pfennig o/p 2½ GRI dated birds 80

to 1/-, o/s Birds to 6d, airmail birds to 5/-, Goldfields to 5d,

PNG 1952 pre decs complete, housed in blue t-strip

album (100s)
1929 x/o 1940s seln (mostly mint) featuring War Occupation

issues, post war & other issues on alb pgs inc 1940s

Sarawak (Japanese Occupation issues), 1945 BMA 40

Malaya & Burma, 1945-6 Luxembourg 'Thanks to the

Allies' peace issues, also inc 1910-20 Siam, 1947 Brunei,

1948 Mauritius & one issue from Barbados (49)
1930 xx/o 1940s-80s Accum of Vatican + San Marino issues in

quality Imperial alb, mostly blks of 4 (all appear MUH) with 80

a large range of single & blks of 4 CTO issues, huge

range, useful for reseller, incl 270 + blks of 4 + 650

stamps (1750+)
1931 xx 1970s-80s seln of m/sheets (all diff), mostly Pacific Is

with large % from Samoa, also inc Nauru, Sol Is, Cook Is 60

& a range of others inc 1973 Japan (50 diff)
1932 xx/c/B 1981 Royal Wedding selection includes m/s, covers and 120

booklets, good lot for resale (qty)
1933 x/o A - I issues on stock cards in alb, mostly used & pre 60

1970s (100s)
1934 xx/x/o Accum of assorted world issues in stkbk, very wide

range inc Europe, Asia, Sth America, Mid East & more, 40

wide range of thematics (800+)
1935 xx/x/o Accum on hagners in binder, best range Europe but also

inc nice range of India from QV, Ceylon, Mid East and 60

early Japan also noted (1000+)
1936 x/o Airmail range incl Egypt 1933 Aviation Congress fine M

(CV £90), Ireland 1930 Millenary plus Official opt M, 120

Japan 1929-34 8½s U (£50), Poland 1933 Air Race M,

Saar 1934 Plebiscite opts M, etc, generally fine (48)
1937 xx/o Aust/world issues on cards (prices marked, ex stamp

sellers remainder stock), suit market seller, marked prices 40

total $250+ (qty)
1938 x/o A-Z accum of world issues in alb, best range Europe but

also featuring Mid-East, Africa & Asia (approx 900), also 60

inc 4 envs of unsorted world issues, mostly Europe &

Mid-East (many 100s)
1939 x/o A-Z range in old alb, wide range of countries (700+),

also features 3 envs of unsorted German issues, East, 80

West and early issues in envs plus 4 folders (1970s &

80s) cont DDR sets of issues (many 100s)
1940 x/o A-Z world issues in old 'Universal' alb, wide range of

countries with good thematics (approx 1500), also inc 23 60

envs cont world off paper, large % Europe (qty) (many

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