Lot# Description Est $
1792 xx/x 1913-36 Coll on S/Seas pages incls single crown wmk to

1/4, small multi wmk to 4d Olive, C of A wmk to 5d 120

Brown, good range with some duplication & very mixed

cond, toning noted (64)
1793 o Box with KGV issues, some varieties & perfins noted, 60

also inc 4d lemon (100s)
1794 o Bulk seln of 2d red, useful for variety sorter (1000+) 60
1795 o Bulk seln of KGV 1d green, many nice circular date 80

cancels noted, suit pmk or variety sorter (approx 1200)
1796 o Bulk seln of KGV in container, mostly 1d green but other

lower values are in mix eg 1½d brown, green, red, 2d 80

red & a few others (1400+)
1797 o Bulk seln of KGV on hagners in folder (perhaps prepared

for resale by stamp seller), nice range to 5d (mostly

lower values), some nice circ cancels noted and a card 60

of 1d greens marked 'unchecked', maybe of interest to

variety sorter (approx 700)
1798 o Bulk seln of lower denom issues, good mix of ½d green,

1d green, 1½d brown (various shades), 2d red & 2d 100

orange, perfins & some nice circ date cancels noted in

mix (1100+)
1799 o Bulk seln, mostly lower values, unsorted for w/m &

varieties, inc ½d green, 1d red, 1d green, 1½d red, 1½d 80

brown, 2d red & 2d orange (1500+)
1800 o KGV 2d red on ppr - incls range of cancels inc CDS 60

cancels suit pmk/ variety collector (500+)
1801 o Selection of perf and overprinted o/s issues (90) 50
1802 o Selection of single and large multi watermarks, good lot 80

for varieties (218)
1803 o Seln on 4 hagners inc values to 1/4, main value in 6 x ¼

with various w/m, also inc seln of 4d, perfins & 70

surcharges, although cond is mixed many are in excellent

cond with some nice circ date stamps noted as well

1804 o Specialists colln in sprgbk binder on Paragon pgs, values

to ½d to 1½d with varieties highlighted in accordance

with Rosenblum Handbook inc colour varieties, 180

retouches, officials & main varieties noted in 1½d

chocolate, 1½d brown & 1½d green issues inc Wattle

retouch, broken crown, neck flare, foot of emu, etc (197)
1805 o Selection of 2d reds inverted watermarks, small multi and 50

C of A, 1½ red inverted (73)

1806 xx 1/4 KGV one small multi 13½ x 12½ + C of A, hard to 160

obtain in nice MUH condition - see photo (2)

1807 o Pair of 13½ x 12½ 1/4, plus C of A 1/4 pair, all FU (4) - 40

See Photo
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