Lot# Description Est $
1777 o Bulk seln of Roos on 4 hagners/cards (½d to 5/-), very 70

mixed cond, also inc perfins (OS, OS NSW etc) (240+)
1778 x/o Bulk seln of Roos on cards & in bag (marked by vendor

as imperfect), several appear to be relatively minor

imperfections eg nibbled perfs, missing/chipped corners,

others have larger imperfections however very good

range with values to 5/- & may make up several sets/part 120

sets with minor imperfections, perfins noted, also 'cut

throat' variety 1d Red identified & one card contains 4

mint issues, the 6d o/print OS & 2/- Maroon C of A (M)

both appear quite saleable as is (approx 250)
1779 x Coll of mint Roos on S/Seas pages, 1st wmk ½d to 5d

Brown (ex 3d Olive) 3rd wmk 2d Grey to 1/- Green, small

multi wmk 9d, 1/- & 2/- C of A wmk 6d, 9d, 2/- Maroon 120

type A & B, plus 6d Brown OS opt, mixed cond lot with

toning evident but good value at est (21)
1780 xx/x/o Posthorn Green 32 white page stock book holding a seln

of Roos with all wmks represented, incls small OS seln, 200

requires viewing for full potential, incls Mint (120)
1781 o Roos on pages in book identified by watermark eg 1d

Red has die 1, die 2 & die 2A separately identified, values 80

to 2/- Brown & 2/- Maroon, perfins in mix, very mixed

cond (291)
1782 o Selection of Roos ½d - 2/- on hagner sheets includes

1st, 3rd, small multi and C of A, good lot for varieties and 160

postmark, approx 200
1783 o Selection of Roos, small perf O/S including 4d clear 26

May 1915 Roma Qld CDS, also pairs 1d red (2), 2/- small 50

multi, 2d grey pair & variety on 2/- 1st watermark (13)
1784 o Selection on 4 hagners, mostly unsorted by wmk inc ½d,

1d, 2d, 2½d, 3d, 6d (brown & blue), 9d, 1/- & 2/- (br &

maroon), also inc 1d perf large OS (3) together with a

selection of 30 different Roos on hagner sorted by wmk

incl 1st wmk to 1/-, 2nd wmk (6d & 1/-), 3rd wmk, small 280

multiple and C of A, selections all incl 5/- yellow & grey

issue, good U cond with mix of circular cancels & parcel

cancels, very high CV, some in mixed cond, U (162)
1785 o Selection on hagner sheets, 1d reds (40), others to 2/- 50

(54), variable condition (94)
1786 o Seln of 15 ex-stamp sellers issues on hagner, identified

by type & priced with total of $370, best feature is 5/- 3rd 150

w/m priced at $150 (15)
1787 o Seln on 2 hagners, sorted by w/m 1st, 2nd, 3rd + Small

Multi to 1/- + C of A to 5/- (a few perfins at the end), 150

would make up 2 nice general sets for the grand

children, high CV (80)
First Watermark

1788 o Seln of perf OS ½d (2), 1d (2), 2d pair, 3d, 4d (2) and 6d 60

(10) - see photo
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