Lot# Description Est $

1746 o 1850-1910 selection in alb, NSW incl 4 Sydney Views,

1851 defins to 8d, imperfs, other pickings include 1897

Charity pair, Qld 1860 imperf & pickings, SA 1855 imperfs

to 1/- orange, many o/prints, Tas 1854 4d orange imperf

& chalons, 1892 defins to 10/-, Vic 1850 imperfs, 1887 400

long stamps £5-£9 CTO as normal, Hospital Fund &

Patriotic pair FU, WA 1854-60 1d black, 2d orange &

other pickings, also postage dues (100s) - see photo
1747 o Accum of mostly lower denom Aust State stamps +

Stamp Duty with dupln, best range NSW + Vic with other 60

states, pmk interest, mixed cond (300+)
1748 o Bulk seln of Aust States on & off paper (largest seln

NSW & SA, mostly lower denom issues), useful for 80

postmark interest (sunburst cancels, bar numerals, etc),

perfins also noted in mix (680+)
1749 o Bulk seln of Aust States, mostly NSW lower denom 50

issues on paper, postmark interest, mixed cond (460+)
1750 xx/x Bulk seln of ex stamp sellers stock inc 1897-1910 (T31)

1d red, 1873-96 Vic (Bell Design) ½d green postage

(T22), 1898-1900 (T84) Vic 1d red & 1d brown stamp 120

duty, 1886-97 Vic 2d violet stamp duty, old selling prices

from $1.50 to $3.75 ea are shown, current CV ranges

between $5 & $10 ea for these issues (approx 230)
1751 o Bulk seln of mostly lower denom issues, suit bar numeral 80

& postmark interest, perfins also noted in mix (800+)
1752 xx/x/o Carton containing envelopes, packets, loose and bundle 100

ware of stamp duty and postage dues for most states

(many 100s)
1753 o Selection of States in stock book and album sheets, 120

stamps from all states includes duties, perfs, etc (100s)
1754 x/o Seln with dupln (mostly lower vals, used) inc NSW, Vic,

SA, WA & Tas, some perfins & interesting pmks/circ date 50

cancels noted (400+)
1755 x/o Small accum Aust States on part pages Victoria, NSW &

Qld, plus a few low val KGV plus 2x interesting & 30

elaborate Victorian Christmas cards, plus small pkt of dec

stamps unconcealed on ppr (79 stamps, 2 cards)
1756 xx/x/o State stamps in large and small stkbks, envelopes &

packets, large stkbk contains 100s of stamps and needs 80

a good sort, time spent sorting will reward (100s)
1757 o Stock book with selection of NSW numerals covering 350

various numbers up to 1718 (410)
New South Wales

1758 o 1850 1d Sydney View (no clouds) SG3, four margins FU, 240

CV £475 - see photo
1759 xx/x/o 1856-1910 selection of stamps including early imperfs,

post dues and stamp duties, o/p, o/s etc, condition varies 120

but the amount of material is vast (many 100s)
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