Lot# Description Est $
1741 o 1936-40 NSW Wages Tax stamps on 2 pages recording

date, worker's name, how long they worked, what work 100

they did, how much they received and NSW wages, tax

stamps have been cancelled on the page, interesting

piece of memorabilia
1742 o 1939-41 Large file box with various bills from

Warracknabeal business houses, many with Victoria 2d

Stamp Duties affixed, some interest for the Duties 40

collector but perhaps more for historical societies, due to

the large number of different accounts (Qty)
1743 xx/o Aust Tax instalment stamps (income tax stamps) on 6

forms cancelled with signatures of 2 different tax 70

payers, lovely range from 3d & £3 (many duplications)

(44 on piece) plus 6d & 1/- MUH issues (14) (61)
1744 o Seln of Customs duty issues 1920s-30s era, ¼d to 7d

with 10c surcharge (66) plus Govt Railway labels 3d to 50

1/- & $2 inc large qty of 1/- issues (42), mixed cond

1745 o Seln of NSW stamp duty issues, wages tax stamps &

railway stamps, QV stamp duty 6d to 5/- (9), KGV 1d to 40

2/- (17), wages tax to 10/- & railway stamp seln to 5/-,

mixed cond (48)
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