Lot# Description Est $
1737 c 1930s-77 colln (mostly Aust with some overseas

covers), of particular note is 1934 'Faith in Aust' 1st Air

Mail (Aust to PNG), 1945 Philippines Victory covers, 1947 120

Norfolk Ball Bay to 6d etc, inc good mix of Official WCS

Royal & Excelsior covers (mostly unaddressed), also

noted Aust 1966 defins to $4, 1971 Xmas & more (167)
1738 L 1938 book containing duplicate copies of 'Certificate of

Safety of Aircraft', interesting Australian Aircraft

memorabilia, all inspections were performed at Mascot 100

NSW, also inc one gallon Comm Liquid Fuel Control Board

ration tickets (6), interesting items
1739 c 1980 Southern Cross Air Race inc 7 covers signed by

the relevant carriers, also inc an information leaflet about 50

the 7 aviators featured on the 7 Air Race flight covers

plus original outer env (7 covers)
1740 c Selection of mainly flight covers including 2 x 1960 Teal

(Tasman Empire Airline Ltd), 2 x Qantas (covers USA 80

and Egypt), 6 x USA First Flight covers, censor cover

Aust to Ireland & others
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