Lot# Description Est $
1648 c 1827 July entire sent from FPO to London, part of letter

missing but nice wax seal intact, French 'Port Paye' 100

cachet on front with "FPO JY 13 1827" on back, fair cond
1649 c 1930s, 50s, 60s & 70s seln of World Flight covers inc

Qantas, BOAC & Brit Airways covers, mostly First Flight

covers originating from Pakistan, Burma, Japan, GB, 60

India, USA, Samoa, Fr Polynesia, NZ, Eire & Uganda, also

inc 4 'Concorde' covers (24)
1650 c 1944 26 Oct Censor Mail sent to Sydney Australia from

US Navy FPO San Francisco Cal with Naval Censor 40

Cachet, plus 2x Royal Navy S1324 Personal

Correspondence unused envs plus blue triangle Armed

Forces Aerogramme also unused (4)
1651 c/ps 1950s to recent seln of world FDCs & commercial mail

mostly GB, NZ & PNG inc 1956 Monaco (Royal Marriage) 40

& London 1980 Anniv of Stampex, mixed cond (160+)
1652 c/ps 1950s-80s accum of World cvrs and Commercial Mail,

good range of countries, incl GB, USA, Canada,

Switzerland, Portugal, Hungary, Russia, Greece + other 90

Europe, Israel, Japan, Botswana + Zambia, seln of

Flight/Rocket cvrs noted, min dupln (124)
1653 c 1950s-80s seln of world Flight covers inc Inaugural

Flights, Anniv Flights etc, noted 1953 PNG Qantas 40

Coronation cover, 1958 Aust Qantas, seln of other

Qantas covers, Air NZ, BOAC etc (21)
1654 c 1960s & 70s seln of world covers, range of countries inc

PNG, Malta, GB, NZ, Norfolk Is, Canada, USA, Jordan, 60

Eire & others (50), also inc 1978 'History of Aviation' FDC

colln of 24 (74)
1655 c 1960s/70s seln of GB covers, good range, appear

different & most addressed to same addressee with 40

neatly typed address (66)
1656 c 1966-7 seln inc AAT 1966 defins on official covers with

base cancels, 1966 Nauru & 1966 Norfolk Is decimal 30

defins with values to $1 (6)
1657 c 1966-70s seln of world Rocket covers, best range USA

but also inc Aust, RSA, Spain, Bermuda, Turks & Caicos, 50

USSR etc, featuring Apollo, Skylab & various USA Space

Shuttle missions (56)
1658 c 1969-86 seln of world Rocket covers from a range of

countries inc Aust, USA, NZ, USSR, Japan, RSA, Samoa 50

etc, featuring Skylab, Apollo, Enterprise, Soyuz etc (55)
1659 c 1969-89 seln of Space Shuttle, Satellite & other Rocket

covers, mainly USA but also inc Samoa, Japan, UN,

Canada, AAT & Aust, features 10 silks (mostly 'Colorano' 40

silks), 3 UN covers with Apollo 14 silk patches (unusual)

& 7 other Rocket covers (19)
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