Lot# Description Est $
1566 c 1983-2010 Solar and Space PSEs with wide range of

thematically related and FDI p/mks, some with additional

stamps inclds international post, Framas, counter printed

stamps, additional franking, cachets, stickers, labels, 27c 320

World Solar Congress 1983-2010 & 55c Astronomy

2009-2010, approx 650 PSEs in 5 albs, Solar & Space in

4 black Davo cover albs as new (100s)
1567 o 2 stkbks with wide range of good quality thematics,

largest range in one book is Hungary & other is mainly 60

Romania & Mid East inc either quality FU or CTO issues

1568 c Blue box cont coll of the 1982 World Cup (45), plus 50

official FDC coll (qty)
1569 xx/x/o Box with good range of thematics issues inc bag with

650+ issues mostly Romania (some Mid East, Russia &

Africa in mix), bag with qty of mostly Argentina, pkt of 50

thematics (Mid East) & variety of cards with issues from

other countries (many 100s)
1570 x/o Coll of Fruit and Flowers from many countries in 2 60

springback albums on black album pages (100s)
1571 xx/x/o/c Coll of Orchids and Roses in large 64 white page stock 60

book, good lot (100s)
1572 xx/x/o/c Coll of Wild Flowers and Fungi in 2 large white page 80

stock books, incls cvrs, m/s and stamps (100s)
1573 xx/x/o/c Lighthouse 2 large tan stock books with white pages

cont Thematic coll of buildings, Primitive, Ancient,

Classical, Gothic, Renaissance, Contemporary and 80

Modern, areas incl USA, South America, UK and Europe,

Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc, cvrs, m/s, stamps

(many 100s)
1574 xx Stkbk with hagner type pgs containing QE the Queen

Mother from 1980-2000, plenty of m/s and stamps all 200

priced to sell, later part of book is Andrew & Fergie, good

lot to resell (many 100s)
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