Lot# Description Est $
1497 o 1945 German Allied Military Post (British & American

Zones) bulk seln in box inc range of lower CV (< £1) to

12pf but also inc 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 & 42pf in lesser qty 120

but with CV between £2 & £5 ea, this bulk qty is useful

for reseller as the stamps appear to be in very good

cond (2500+)
1498 c 1971-1987 GB covers, all separated into years &

includes commemoratives, also some booklet panes 60

inclds 1972 Wedgwood pane with scarce ½p sideband

on FDC (150+)
1499 c 1988-2010 selection of GB covers complete in early

years but missing 2006 & 2008, includes m/s etc, also 80

noted small book of Space related Russian covers (250+)
1500 o/c Accum in box inclds Aust/world cvrs, world stamps & 50

Aust and world in 9 small & med stkbks (100s)
1501 (x)/o Aust dec in envs, noted a lot of Mint no gum (100s) 60
1502 xx/x/o Box cont 'floor sweepings' inc a wide range of world

issues, early to modern, some in pkts, sorting may prove 50

useful (100s)
1503 xx/x/o/c Box containing Aust/world on/off paper, stock book &

albs of world, large bag of Aust FDCs and a few world, 60

includes cat for PSEs and Estonia, needs a good sort out

1504 xx/o Box containing selection of mainly MUH m/s, also inclds

one set of NSW & one set of Aust sheetlets for Sydney 360

2000 Olympics, Beijing set of Olympic sheets (250 items)
1505 o/c/a/l Box contains PSE, FDC & hagner binders with pages, pkt

of stamp hinges, GB & Ireland FDCs, Aust dec stamps on

ppr, world stamps on ppr, stamp catalogues, pkts of 90

hingeless stamp mounts & publication 'My Stamp on Life'

by Max Stern (37 items, 20+ FDCs)
1506 o/c/ps Box with 1870s to modern accum of USA issues on

hagners, pages, cards, etc, incls early issues +

Cinderellas on display cards, a variety of early city

cancels, perfins + postage dues are also noted, also

CTO sheetlets (1982 20c Birds + 1987 22c Animals), plus 50

approx 100 FDCs, PSEs + commercial Mail (1940s-80s

range), one 1940s issue with Army Examiner cachet + 2

rocket covers (Porpoise I + Salmon III), the Salmon III

carries an o/printed Vignette (retail for these 2 alone is

approx $40) (qty)
1507 o/c/ps Box with 2 A-Z World albs, "Traveller" alb contains over

700 stamps and the smaller old Brown alb has over 900

stamps, good range of countries, also incls 1960s-80s 50

World cvrs + Commercial Mail (noted Mauritius, GB and

others), plus Aust FDCs, PSEs, Souvenir envs &

Commercial mail )incls a seln of large 1960s/70s "SIGMA"

FDCs (60+) (100's)
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