Lot# Description Est $
102 Canvas print framed of Tall Ships in the Harbour by John 30

103 Canvas print of an early horse drawn log cart by John 30

104 D Alexander "Aboriginal Dreaming", acrylic on board with 65

wooden frame, 54cm x 65cm
105 Framed print of "Parrots" by Milan, 59cm x 80cm 40
106 Joan Ingpen Bognoda, 1978 Morven Manor, Tanti Ave, 95

Mornington, watercolour, 45cm x 60cm
107 M Carter landscape painting in wooden frame, 59cm x 40

108 Pro Hart, "Country Racetrack" colourful print in wooden 50

frame, 33.5cm x 47cm, excellent condition
109 Watt "At Burra", 1977, framed, 57cm x 67cm 60
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