Lot# Description Est $
1307 ps "Save on Postage", box with 5 x pkts of 100 x PSEs brought

up to the current postage rate of 70c, FV (without 280

allowance for envs) is $350 (500)
1308 c 1960s-80s seln of FDCs from the Netherlands prepared for 200

sale in plastic & priced with retail of $530.50 (qty)
1309 x/o 1970-1974 Europe, Russia in alb, some minor toning, one

stkbk & one alb Poland mainly 1920s-70s, pre 1975 colln in

stkbk, useful range many CTO, some toning, mixed cond, 250

1890s-1970s Denmark & Norway ranges with dupn &

Scandinavian selection from Sweden, Finland & Iceland

1310 c 1999-2002 FDC coll in box, AAT + internal issues are

included, of particular note are Great Sthn Land Int to $10, 90

Panorama to $20, FV of stamps on covers is $210+ (78)
1311 x/o 65 envelopes of stamps from the Americas, North, Central, 180

South and the Carribean (100s)
1312 o/c/a/l Box contains PSE, FDC & hagner binders with pages, pkt

of stamp hinges, GB & Ireland FDCs, Aust dec stamps on

ppr, world stamps on ppr, stamp catalogues, pkts of 100

hingeless stamp mounts & publication 'My Stamp on Life'

by Max Stern (37 items, 20+ FDCs)
1313 xx/x Box with 100s of lower val decimal Postage issues (1c to

9c) in bags of 100 & 500 incl 1c x 700, 2c x 2000, 3c x 600,

4c x 900, 5c x 900, 6c x 300, 7c x 3300, 8c x 200, 9c x 200 250

(good range of issues) - would suit reseller or for postage

use Total FV $429 (9100 stamps)
1314 xx/x/o/c Box with 1975-84 Aust FDC colln (very comprehensive),

noted 1977 $10 & 1979 $5 Paintings, also inc PSEs etc for

same period (181 diff), FV of stamps on covers excl PSEs

etc is $115+, also inc hagners of 1937 Brit Comm 60

Coronation Issues A-Z countries (M) almost complete(130),

PNG mint issues on vario pgs inc blks of 4, 1980s larger

sized Aust FDCs, Japan m/s (2) in pack etc (100s)
1315 c Box with 1980s to early 2000 range of GB FDCs - same

addressee plus nice range of Millennium issues - M/S also 120

noted, very high original cost (many $100s), when

organised this lot should form the basis of an excellent colln

(206 items)
1316 xx/x/o Box with 2 albs, one has accum GB from QV, value in early

issues, also incls Sierra Leone, plus range of Post Due

(600+), the other has accum Pacific Is (mostly Norfolk Is 60

MUH), but also incls Samoa/Nauru + range of Aust (U) with

values to $10 noted, also incls folder with full sheets from

Mauritius + pages and stamps from Burundi/Rwanda, etc

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