Lot# Description Est $

1623 c 1929 env to California USA bearing KGV 1½d red & black

cachet on front 'US charge to collect 5 cents', US 5 cent

San Francisco pre stamp applied to front of envelope & 100

red cachet from Postal Dept, Commonwealth of Aust

applied to the rear - see photo
1624 ps 1930s-70s seln of letter cards, post paid envelopes, etc 70

1625 c 1937-65 accum mainly FDCs plus a few commercial

envs, better items inclds 2/3 Cable FDC, 7 x 1956 150

Melbourne Olympics covers incl Registered WCS FDC

Produce Food 2 x strips, 3 both types on registered FDC,

condition generally good (90)

1626 c 1940? KGVI 2d red tied to env with blurry cancel,

interesting purple cachet applied to top left corner 120

"Harbour Bridge Pylon Exhibition" - see photo
1627 c 1953-62 AAT pre dec FDI & commem covers incl ANARE,

Heard Is, Mawson, Macquarie Is, Davis, Wilkes, 22 have 120

AAT pmks & the balance various capital cities, all

addressed with condition mainly fine (53)
1628 c 1970-76 'Official' colln with better issues in the mix inc 55

WAPEX 72 (75)
1629 ps 1979-82 colln of maxi cards FDI (104) 80
1630 c Decimal Navigator set of 6, QEII defins (4), Birds & Fish

sets postmarked 'Khancoban 14 FE 66', all unaddressed

& singles except QEII defins 1c, 2c, 3c & 4c red which 200

are in blks 4, and 5c & 6c Birds in blk 4 & 7c to 10c Fish

in blks 4, all covers in excellent condition (22)
1631 c Stamp duties on cover 1929 Perth-Sydney Flight cvr tax

cachet 'T6d' env front only, 1914 GB to Aust env with

'T2d' cachet & pen cancelled 2d postage due, undated

postage due blk 5, pen cancelled on env, 1951 NSW 2d 70

stamp duty tied to cover by "stop accidents before they

stop you" cachet, 1970 envelope with 'T12c' cachet plus

1972 envelope with circular type as previous (6)
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